The Sage Presents the Path of Life

The Sage Presents the Path of Life

The Sage Presents the Path of Life, A Middle-Eastern guru commandingly told people to “Follow me!”  What confidence! And perhaps impudence? It has been said that people are sheep, and they seem to seek out other people whom they may follow.

Path of Life
Aristotle’s Philosophy

What is the right path to life, and who has it?  The unified mantra today is, “there is no right path, every person sets their own truth.” There you go.  No need to consult Mohammad, or Socrates or Lincoln or Mother Teresa. Your god is within. Aristotle begins the Nicomachean Ethics by basically saying that everyone is doing what is right. All actions tend toward the good.  Since we are all defining our own truth, then all is well, and we need to search no further.  Utopia has arrived. How wonderful!


Except that we all know that utopia has not arrived.  School shootings.  Cancer.  Coronavirus. Deadly gas in Syria.  Not everything that everyone sets out to do is right.  So you are wrong on that point, Aristotle. Not all actions tend toward the good. Some actions are stupid, some wrong, some downright evil, some cruel and despicable.  Some are misguided, some nonchalant, some purposeless and some random. Some are induced by drugs, others by meditation, peer pressure, psychoses, dementia, and some by cold calculation. So back to our initial inquiry.

What is the right path to life, and who has it?

Our social media accounts, including this blog, Instagram, YouTube, Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook and the web all follow the AIP statement of purpose, which is :

“The AIP exists to explore, research and ultimately decipher the higher intelligence that is embedded in the geometry, astronomy, mathematics and symbolism of many pyramids around the world, especially the pyramids in Egypt and Giza specifically.”

Path of Life
AIP Director Larry Pahl in front of the Great Pyramid, north side, 2019. “The revelations of this Mighty Giant bring me joy!”

The AIP exists to vigorously pursue all legitimate lines of inquiry about the world’s pyramids, especially the Great Pyramid, including geometrical, arithmetic, philosophical, theological, symbolic, geologic, sociological, astronomical and chronological. When we say we search for the “philosophical, theological, [and] symbolic” aspects of the Great Pyramid and others, it is another way of saying we are searching for meaning.  Purpose.  Is there a hidden prescription for right living here? Is there a revelation of a divine way or some divine secrets meant to ease and ultimately best exploit human effort?  Is there a Heaven to strive for in the future or realize in the present, now? Independent researchers seem often to imply that the intimations of truth we draw from the historic record are somehow wiser or more important the older they are. More aging means better wine. A source of revelation used by all the ancient civilizations is that of the heavens, the heavenly bodies, the constellations and the stars that comprise them.  The oldest source of revelation is the sky itself.  Here is an AIP video about the meaning of the constellations and their relationship to the Great Pyramid.

We don’t say it openly often, but here, in the final paragraph of a post about the “Path of Life”, we are going to say it loud and clear. We are going to answer the question posed twice in this post and answered in its title: We think the Sage teaches the way of life.  If you follow along, as social media allows, our journey in following the Sage, you will find that we occasionally drop gems we know we have found in this Sage.  Not all at once. Not all in one place. Because that’s not the way He works. But following us, as we follow and interpret Him, will lead, we think, to green pastures, to blessing and enlightenment. Stay with us!

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