Larry Hunter a Giza Legend

Larry Hunter a Giza Legend:
Larry Hunter, Giza Superstar

Larry Dean Hunter is one of the interesting personalities who has left a footprint in Giza, home to the Great Pyramids and the Great Sphinx. Over the decades, Larry has interfaced with most of the famous Giza personalities, including Dr. Mark Lehner, Zahi Hawass, Robert Bauval, Graham Hancock, John Anthony West, and scores of others. He even scored a whole chapter (Chapter 13, “The Hunter”), in the excellent book about the Giza crowd: GIZA: THE TRUTH: The People, Politics, and History Behind the World’s Most Famous Archaeological Site, by Ian Lawton and Chris Ogilvie-Herald.

Here is the way a former colleague describes Larry:

“Larry Dean Hunter is one of the brightest minds of these last few decades. Born on May 11th, 1950 – a scientist, researcher, inventor and independent Egyptologist… In the village of Nazlet el-Samman, he has celebrity-like status. Walk with Larry down the streets and alleys of the village and you may hear that mantra ‘Laaary … Laaary … Laaary’ filling the air from the voice of people you pass by, including old women and young children. He receives this attention from his keen and compassionate ability to touch the lives of each and every person he meets.” (Giza: The Truth, page 421)

Larry has taken over 40 trips to Giza, where he keeps a small residence and a motorcycle. I really can’t remember how I first had contact with Larry but he has been very helpful to me in my research journeys to Egypt over the years. I should add this small detail: I have never met Larry in person! We have texted, Skyped, emailed, talked on the phone, and interacted so often that I feel like he was my neighbor.

Larry Hunter and Larry Pahl talking

Hunter and Pahl talking

Photos: The author preparing for a 2019 trip to Egypt by talking to Larry Hunter, a seasoned pro in all things Giza.

Check out this video I recorded from my room at the Pyramids Loft hotel in Giza, during my 2019 research tour, to get an idea of how I interacted with Larry.  He was helping me get ready for my hike into the desert the next day, to the point on Egyptian soil corresponding to the Orion shoulder star Belletrix.

Star Chart for the Constellation Orion

I probably shouldn’t admit all of this publicly, because Larry has found a way to get on the bad side of a lot of people, and some might warn me “It’s bad for your career.” Consider that he tried taking to court the world-famous Egyptologist Dr. Zahi Hawass, for breaking part of the shoulder of the Sphinx! Hawass is like the Godfather to Giza and has wielded enormous influence as the former Minister of Antiquities, and still currently a member of the powerful Supreme Council of Antiquities.

National Geographic uses Zahi as the de facto voice for Egypt and has featured Hawass in many of their Egypt documentaries. Larry did not bow to the power of Hawass, because while there is a great reservoir of respect for Hawass in Egypt (and throughout the world) there is also a strong undercurrent among many of the common people of Giza that is anti-Hawass.  Because of Larry’s deep connection with the locals there he stood his ground in trying to get Hawass jailed and subsequently paid a heavy price as many doors formerly open to him began to close, as the signs of an angered powerbroker began to manifest.

But not long ago Larry knew I was going to Egypt soon  and asked me to give a large monetary gift to a poor family in Mena Village (what the locals call the village of Nazlet el Samman) so they could get money for a needed medical procedure. Since there was just a short time before I had to leave, Larry promised to send me the money before I returned, which he did. It was a great blessing to me personally to be so warmly welcomed by Larry’s family in their very humble apartment in Giza, and to experience their great gratitude for the gift. So while I consider many of Larry’s idea about the past really wild and eccentric, I know the good that is in his heart. That is the kind of associate I want in my “career.” The book GIZA: THE TRUTH pulls no punches in its treatment of Hunter, as it chronicles many of his ideas and dealings with an unflattering tone. I wonder how much of the royalties for GIZA: THE TRUTH went to the poor families of Giza.

Larry has been a guest with Art Bell and George Noory, famous alternative radio programs, and has expressed many far out ideas on those shows.  Scroll through some of his work and you will get an idea of his theories that are far outside any mainstream.

In my last blog post I wrote about the mysterious Giza Fibonacci Spiral. Check that out to find out what a mystical, magical, holy experience I had in chasing down the origin to the Fibonacci Spiral that runs through the center of all three Giza pyramids. I would never have found out about that wonderful place if Larry hadn’t steered me toward a book, long out of print, and ready to go the way of hieroglyphs, beautiful but unknown, Final Decoding by Rocky Mcollum. The book’s pages are copies of typewritten script. Finding the book was like finding Einstein’s notes leading to the theory of relativity.

My book ENOCH: Egyptian New Orion Connection Hypothesis would never have been written, all the joy I had in the adventures I enjoyed in chasing down all the stars of the constellation Orion on the soil of Egypt, would never have been experienced if I had not been friends with Larry. Here are links to two of the YouTube videos I made chronicling my journey to the head and shoulder stars of the constellation Orion where they correlate with places on Egyptian soil:

So I thank you here publicly, Larry Hunter, for taking an interest in me when I took my first baby steps with extending the Orion Correlation Theory, for giving me so much helpful guidance.  Now I have written an entire book about all of this, and, as far as I know, I am the only person in the world who has done this!  I am not boasting, I wish there were others I could trade notes with, and communicate with, but all I had in this journey was some phone calls and social media conversations with that enigmatic Giza legend, the man I have never met personally, Mr. Larry Hunter! Thanks again bro…

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