The Origin of the Giza Fibonacci Spiral

Origin of the Giza Fibonacci Spiral 

fibonacci spiral at giza

Rocky McCallum identified the Fibonacci Spiral that goes through the center of all three pyramids of Giza in a self-published typewritten book, Final Decoding, in the 1970s that just about went the way of hieroglyphics – a beautiful symbolic language that got lost in the rush of history. 

But AIP is reviving Rocky McCallum and the Giza Fibonacci Spiral! We are one of the Champollians of the 21st Century who see the beauty that the designers and architects of Giza certainly saw. A Fibonacci Spiral is not a circle, but a connected series of quadrant curves based on the Golden section. There is no way three independent markers, in this case, the Three Giants of Giza, can be on a Fibonacci Spiral by chance. The placement of the pyramids of Khufu, Khafre and Menkaure was not the random choice of Khufu, Khafre, and Menkaure. There was obedience to some superintending plan, a unified plan that superseded three egos.

AIP has done several videos about these many Giza Unified Plans, including our extension of the Orion Correlation Theory, ENOCH, the Egyptian New Orion Connection Hypothesis, and many more. There is undeniable evidence of a master plan for the Giza Plateau, one that is larger than the individual ambitions of individual pharaohs.

YouTube video of Giza Fibonacci Spiral:

In the YouTube video linked above, I identify over ten distinct unified plans for Giza which signal the existence of a pre-existing order for the arrangement of the pyramids, the Sphinx, and other major landmarks at Giza. The specific unified plan of this post, that of the Giza Fibonacci Spiral, is a unique case in that the geometry of the plan – the phi-based Fibonacci Spiral – is also a geometry which Mother Nature uses often as a template.

Do a simple Google search and you will find that all kinds of things in nature, from sunflower heads, star galaxies, nautilus shells and raging storms follow the phi proportions of a Fibonacci Spiral. The YouTube channel Sacred Geometry Decoded even shows how when one of these systems gets off track, when a line of sunflower seeds contracts a cold and veers crookedly, the Fibonacci magic catches it and helps it restore to the pattern of life!

The phi pattern of Fibonacci numbers is given various golden names in its various forms: the Golden Number, Golden Mean, Golden Section. Here is a good explanation of Fibonacci numbers and the Fibonacci Spiral associated with them.

Fibonacci Spiral
Fibonacci Spiral

To me, one of the magic and mystical aspects of the specific Fibonacci Spiral that goes through the center of the 3 Giza giants is that its starting point and ending point are both – unknown! The ending point is unknown because the Spiral keeps spiraling and spiraling, through Giza, Egypt, Africa, the Earth and out into space…infinitely! The beginning point – the origin – of the Giza Fibonacci is ultimately also unknown because it is… infinite… it keeps spiraling down theoretically forever! At least to its creation…

So when I was on a research expedition in Giza, Egypt in February and March 2020, I knew I would have to take a crew to the Origin of the Giza Fibonacci Spiral. To cut to the chase, with much finesse, grit, instinct and “tip money” my team was able to get to the sequestered spot that is the Origin. There is a good chance that many who might try to follow in our footsteps will not be so successful.

Making the calculation of where a Fibonacci Spiral through the Giza pyramids might actually begin would be the first hurdle, but probably many mathematicians could do that. But then mobilizing to get there would require different kinds of skills and dispositions. Mathematics was not the key that opened the physical doors to cleverly the protected origin point.

When I first planned this little Fibonacci foray, I thought I could make it be one of the excursions on the Orion Correlation Tour I was going to lead in Egypt on April 19-25, 2020 (canceled, of course, because of the Coronavirus.). So besides being a fact-finding expedition, it was also going to be a rehearsal or scouting trip for my upcoming tour.

As a fact-finding expedition, I hoped one we would simply follow GPS coordinates to the theoretical beginning of the spiral, make observations about the area, and see if anything presented itself as unusual or significant. But something so mysterious as a Fibonacci Origin did not oblige with a white-coat, laboratory, test tube result.

Because something magical and mysterious took place as we neared the Origin point. 3 white birds flew to us, nearly unafraid of us, and apparently intent on helping us to identify the right spot. Had it not happened to us, I would not believe a story like this.

I grew up in the city of Chicago and birds don’t fly to you. They fly away. They don’t fly over and offer their assistance on your current project! Please check our YouTube video which gives visual evidence to defend my strange claim here, and gives you a small opportunity to enter into the adventure with us.

And it was self-evident, considering all that we went through to get to the beginning point, and what we experienced once there, that this excursion was not franchisable. You can’t have “Journey to the Fibonacci Spiral Origin” listed on a tour itinerary and then take a large group of highly expectant people to a checkpoint where you are told by national police: “You cannot enter here.” That and a hundred other things.

This trip, if I ever lead it again, will be because of serendipity and bold Providence, not because it is a tour stop listed on some high-gloss tour flyer. But if you are reading this, and you ever take a tour with AIP, be sure to buddy up to me after one of our excursions, and ask me for a private attempt to tackle the Journey to the Center of the Giza Fibonacci Spiral. It won’t be listed on the tour schedule!

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