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Latest finds on the doors at the end of the Queen's Chamber shafts...

The Great Pyramid.

Was it built as shown to the left?  Definitely not...

How was it built?

Who built it?

What is its meaning for planet earth?

Who was its designer?

Studies from the AIP:
bulletA study of the Great Pyramid, Part I. Indications of divine inspiration and a prophetic message.
bulletA study of the Great Pyramid, Part II. The Pyramid's chronograph, history pre-written.
bulletA study of the Great Pyramid, Part III. Only part of this study is only accessible. The remainder of the study is only available to members of the American Institute of Pyramidology. It begins the examination of the chronography and meaning of the Pyramid's final passage system, leading to the King's Chamber.

After many people read these studies, they want more.  To access the protected pages, you must join the American Institute of Pyramidology. Here is a brief description of the Institute:

AIP statement of purpose:


To vigorously pursue the scientific, philosophical, and divine revelations of the Great Pyramid and associated studies.

AIP statement of faith:


There is no statement of faith for the American Institute of Pyramidology. People from all perspectives are invited to join. We just simply ask that members be at least open to the idea that the Great Pyramid is a divine revelation. People who cannot be open to that idea, or who would ridicule those who hold it are not encouraged to join the fellowship of the AIP.

The Institute has over 1000 members and continues to grow weekly. Members are a diverse group with varied professional and lay interests...

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