The Great Pyramid


Part III. The Great Step

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In part I. we saw many indications that the Great Pyramid of Giza is the monument referred to by the prophet Isaiah, that would be a witness to the Lord "in the midst of the land of Egypt." Its geometric significations, determined by the Great Architect, are intended for the edification of the human race. The Creator used prophets to bring the plans and dimensions of the Mighty Stone Mountain to the notice of the Egyptian rulers and their builders. It is possible --indeed, probable-- that both the Egyptian laborers and the divinely appointed messengers were unaware of the bulk of supernatural revelations contained in the Pyramid through its geometry and construction.

There are many theories on how the Pyramid might have been built, but there is nothing more than theory. Nobody knows how they did it, period. It might have been through

bulletstones being floated into place with water locks, through the use of massive earthen causeways, as it is usually pictured in artists' conceptions,
bulletthrough the blocks actually being "concrete" blocks, poured into place at the site. or, theoretically
bulletby angels or alien power.

Leading engineers in our time have said that we could not build the Great Pyramid today, even with our present laser-cutting technology and high-tech construction techniques. This is one of the Pyramid's mysteries on which I have not expended energy to try and solve. I put my energy instead into trying to discern the meaning of what is there, however it got there!

The Pyramid's message seems to be especially intended for the time in which we live. When Moses looked upon the Stone Mountain did he know it pointed out in time the great exodus event which he spearheaded? When, over a millennium later, Alexander the Great looked upon the grand and imposing stone structure he could not know the glories it pronounced about the Messiah who would come in three centuries and die for the fallen race of man. As we saw in part II., this event was predicted in stone two millennia before Christ died. When Napoleon directed his scientists to study in earnest the mysteries of a monument beyond the reach of their Enlightened rationalism, he could not know that the ticking chronograph of the Grand Gallery was soon to reach the Great Step, indicating in the Pyramid's inch-for-a-year symbolism the year 1844.

It should be noted that these events, notched in the Pyramid's timeline millenia ago -- The Exodus, the crucifixtion of Christ, and 1844 -- are not only indicated by the inch-year key, but also by a geometric key. The Architect has blended form and "function." Not function in the normal sense of utility, but function in the sense that the major function of the Pyramid, like Bible prophecy, is symbolical.

The Exodus event is marked by geometry which says, "Go upward. Go a different way. Break away from the prevailing downward course of history and events. Exodus..." The first upward passage breaks away from the downward descending passage at the same angle--upward--that the descending passage had been following--downward. It is interesting that if a line of the same angle is drawn on a world map, starting at the Pyramid, the line will go directly through the site where the Israelites crossed the Red Sea at the time of the Exodus! (It is more amazing still that a continuation of the same line crosses through Bethlehem, the birthplace of Christ, who is the Greater Exodus...)

Peter Lemesurier, author of perhaps the most impressive modern work of relatively wide circulation on the Pyramid, The Great Pyramid Decoded, says this of this remarkable line:

"The suggestion that this fact could be other than pure coincidence must seem laughable...if...the Bethlehem-line was not accidental, then there can be only one other possible explanation: the Pyramid's architect could see into the future. Such indeed, was the tradition among the ancient Egyptians, as Coptic manuscripts still affirm today: The Pyramid, it was said, contained a record of all that was past and of all things to come."1


A further revelation of the coordination of form and function are the two huge granite blocks--the two tablets, if you will--which make ascent in the first ascending passage impossible. Here is obvious symbolism of the law--the two stone tablets of the Ten Commandment law--preventing anyone from going Heavenward, because the law is perfect and no human is. In the words of New Testament theology, coming over two millennia before the Apostle Paul's pen:

"But that no man is justified by the law in the sight of God is evident..." -Gal. 3:11


"...we are manifestly declared to be the epistle of Christ...written not with ink, but with the Spirit of the living God; not in tables of sone, but in fleshy tables of the heart." -2 Cor. 3:3

The upward passage system breaks upward -- toward the light, toward heaven --from the downward descending passage. This form fits the places in the New Testament that speak of the law being good. (1 Tim 1:8; Rom. 7:12,14) It is a "schoolmaster" and who, but school children, would see a "schoolmaster" as evil? We need school.

But the two granite blocks (called "plugs" in much of the Pyramid literature) symbolize the inability of that good law to accomplish the good thing: securing us a place in Heaven, the assurance of eternal life. For that, the law is, to quote Paul, "a ministration of death."

The Christ point--the junction of the Grand Gallery, the first ascending passageway, and the beginning of the Queens Chamber passage--also matches with architectural form that which it symbolizes, as we have seen in previous studies. The horizontal Queen's Chamber passage symbolizes the victory spoils of Christ's sacrifice on behalf of the human race--an earth which will be made new in the age to come, redeemed from the curse. The rise of the Grand Gallery ceiling indicates the greater light, privelege, and glory for believers in New Covenant times.

But without question, it is the Great Step, which acts as a transition from the Grand Gallery era of Christianity, to the final Kings Chamber, representing Heaven, which is critical to decipher in our time at the beginning of the 21st Century. Almost every religious group has some teaching about the tribulation, the times of distress, the shaking, the time of trouble, the Great Tribulation, the coming chastisement, or whatever other terms are used. The Great Pyramid is the oldest prophetic voice on this issue on the has proven itself right with the Exodus and with Christ's crucifixtion. It will prove itself right about its teachings about the coming tribulation...

The GREAT STEP is the transition point between the upward climb of the Grand Gallery and the horizontal walk of the final passage to the Kings Chamber. Notice the great fall in the Grand Gallery ceiling from 28' to a height one must bend down to enter...


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1 Lemesurier, The Great Pyramid Decoded, (Rockport, MA: Element, 1993) 19-20. Lemesurier adds this other amazing fact also: the Red Sea-Bethlehem line marks the bearing of the summer solstice from the latitude of the Great Pyramid.

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